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Findmyfuture can help you understand which career areas might suit you based on your interests and values. The best thing? You get to take a fun, short, quiz to find out what career areas and courses you might enjoy.

This tool is powered by Hunter TAFE, one of Australia’s largest regional providers of vocational education and training. We’ve been around for over 120 years and are proud to support tens of thousands of people every year in finding their futures all over Australia.

While findmyfuture.com.au is only a guide to helping you understand what type of career area may suit you, our career counsellors tick all the boxes when it comes to providing support and assistance to people with their career planning. Based on one of the many tools the counsellors use, they formulated this quiz to help you with your career planning.

The career counsellors at Hunter TAFE understand that, for every individual, career planning and development is a lifelong process. Multiple factors should be considered when identifying what career area to pursue. Our counsellors are here to assist you with an individualised plan that explores the ways in which Hunter TAFE can support you to achieve your goals.

If you would like more information on the counselling services (or any other services) we provide please contact Hunter TAFE today.

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